Our Fascia Board…

Our Fascia board is the ultimate roofline replacement product.

Manufactured from tough, hard-wearing, dense PVC-u, it’s a Fascia board that you can rely on to stand the test of time.




Attractive – the best finish on the market!                         Compare.

16-18mm thick designed for full replacement applications.

Ensure you always see what you are getting and never accept thinner and cheaper boards as these cannot over a longer timescale support the weight of roof tiles above and this in turn leads to Fascia boarding looking twisted and uneven.

Many cheaper plastics are not properly UV stabilised and although start off as white, change colour to cream and onwards to the yellow colour palate. Our Fascia board manufacturer guarantees their product in addition to our guarantee giving you total peace of mind.

Our Soffit Board

Our Soffit boards reflect the quality and finish that is inherent in our Fascia board range.

Premier Fascias only supply and fit Grade I solid Soffits for most upper work and tongue & groove Soffit boarding for application to larger areas such as porches etc.

10mm solid construction. (cellular tongue & groove option for larger area applications).

Our Guttering

Premier Fascias use FloPlast rainwater systems and offer a choice of profile design, both traditional and modern, in a range of colours to suit all tastes and applications.

Made from superior standard of PVC-u, not only will your Guttering be durable and long-lasting, it will also deliver an attractive finish that complements the look of your new installation.

Our Ventilation

All good Roofline installations should incorporate some form of ventilation.

Having good roof ventilation is important for the health of your home. In the summer, the ventilation allows heat to escape into the air. In the winter, the ventilation prevents build-up of condensation that can cause dampness & mould.

Our slim line Over Fascia Ventilator ensures a flow of air into the roof space between the felt/eaves protector and our Fascia board. The product is designed with a smooth leading edge allowing it to sit discreetly on top of the Fascia board.

Because of it’s position above the Fascia, it’s not visible and therefore doesn’t affect the clean straight lines of your new Fascia & Soffit installation.

It is robust enough to be used with any roof tile regardless of the profile and comes complete with fly-screen to stop bees, wasps and insects gaining entry to your loft.

Importantly, it meets current building regulations and is BBA approved.

Our Eaves Protection System

The felt at the tile edge, often deteriorates after exposure to water and sunlight and once cut is less effective at stopping water seepage into the Roofline area. If no protection is provided, this can often result in this area deteriorating with potential maintenance costs.

Premier Fascias install our premium Eaves Protection System which sits between the over fascia ventilation and the cut away felt and ensures that all rainwater is diverted into the gutter protecting the area and keeping exposure to moisture to a minimum.

Our Bird & Vermin Guard

Birds nesting under your roof tiles can cause great damage by pecking the roofing felt and letting rain water ingress onto the roof timbers and into the loft. They also deposit nesting material which builds up over the seasons and along with bird faeces, create an unsavoury atmosphere, the smells of which also permeate into your loft space.

Our guard system provides an effective barrier which prevents all creatures from entering this area, eliminating all the problems associated with the above.

Premier Fascias use 3 types of bird/vermin guard and will specify the correct one when undertaking your survey.

Our PVC-u Fixings

We only use the highest quality of fixings and fit our Fascia & Soffit boards with special A4 Marine Grade stainless steel nails and for certain applications, we offer screwed fixings.

This helps ensure against rust staining from rain reacting with normal steel pins used to fix boards.